For teenagers and women

Air-Val has created a perfume with a touch of nostalgy and the beauty of the unicorn!


… and for girls

We have captured the essence of the unicorns in a unic and magic brand, created by Air-Val for girls!



Setting trends and creating fragrances since 1979 – and now present in more than 100 countries.

Founded on core values of passion and innovation, we’re the leading producer worldwide of children’s and teen fragrances. Thanks to a constantly evolving creative spirit, we’ve transformed prestigious brands into more than 300 perfumery and personal care products sold across 5 continents.



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Consumer Award 2018

Tailored Perfumes, from Air-Val's Group, has received this Award from the "Academia del Perfume España". This fragrance seduces all, it is now oficial!

Back from Cosmoprof Bologna

Cosmoprof Italy is when and where we launch our new products for the year! In this edition, our new products for young adults have been the center of

Eau My BB helps babies in Cameroon

Saving babies' lives is the best possible gift from all the people who have bought products of Eau My BB during the last months. Thanks to the purchase